I met Marjorie Lancaster when I went to work at Chapel Hill High School many years ago. She taught English and had the ability to identify and to nurture individual strengths, a rare gift for a student to receive from a teacher. I learned from her how wonderful it is to watch a young person’s mind light up with the beauty of reading and writing. I am delighted to have reconnected with her both for my own new energy but because I know what she can offer to your child. When East Chapel Hill High School opened, Marjorie moved from CHHS. Later, I moved to Carrboro High School. Together we have a familiarity and love for our school system that can really benefit your family.

After her retirement from 30+ years as a high school English teacher, Marjorie continued to contribute to her profession through work with the Emily K Center and now through her own consulting company. We share a mission of helping students find both joy and purpose as they navigate high school. She can work with students on the college application essay process, coach them in ways to improve their writing, review basics of grammar and punctuation, help with current language arts assignments, and provide enrichment activities in reading, writing, and vocabulary development.

Marjorie and I can work together with your child or separately. I urge you to explore Marjorie’s web site - http://www.marjorielancastertutor.com - to see what she can do for your family.