From ‘A’ to ‘Comfort’ – Thoughts from a High School Counselor

After 20+ years working as a high school counselor, I have some stories to tell about the young people who have been part of my life.

My first caseload included students in 9th through 12th grade whose last name began with ‘A’ to ‘Comfort.’ My caseloads shifted over the years. Each year and every assignment helped me grow and develop my counseling skills.  I bring this background and knowledge to you and your family.

'A' to 'Comfort' is where I share what I’ve learned in schools and now, as I work with students and their parents through Mary Gratch Consulting.

I post a note each month about some ideas and steps that may be worth considering for a successful and happy journey to and through high school – and into a great plan after high school. I welcome your questions and suggestions so that I can make this most meaningful for you.

I have two children – Ellen, age 28, and Michael, age 25 – and I sometimes tell stories about them too.

I always say that those of us who love working with teenagers should stick with it. Not everyone has the same positive feel for middle and high school students. Let’s continue to learn together.