Navigating High School with Purpose and Joy - Smooth Sailing

We are now at that point in the school year where many students (and teachers and parents) have settled into the routine and, hopefully, a period of smooth sailing. You may also be identifying areas in which your child may need some additional support or attention. If a parent sees anything of concern on their student’s reports, it is a good time for parents to check in with teachers directly. If the concerns are few, your child may be able to manage such communication – “Why don’t you talk with Ms. _______ and ask whether you can still complete those missing assignments.” If the worries are greater, this is a great time to schedule a conference. You can do that directly with individual teachers or you can ask a school counselor to set up a meeting with all of your child’s teachers. We are early in the school year and there is time for redirection and success. The partnership between parents and the school is important for the success of your child.