May Day, Mayday Thoughts from Mary Gratch

As the school year winds down, I would like to share a few thoughts and ideas for your consideration.


I am going to start with Seniors who must submit their choices today (or, because it is a Sunday, they have one extra day). Congratulations to so many who have great options and have made positive choices. I wish you great joy this summer and in your transition to your next plan. For now, enjoy your friends and family and soak up the celebration of graduation – what an accomplishment! Enjoy these days! You’ve done a great job.


Juniors are tired – good job this past year! I think it is the most stressful year for many because students know that these grades “matter” and SAT and ACT scores “matter.” I would like to challenge you to start wherever you are now and make this a great summer that leads into a great Senior year. If you don’t have summer plans, it is a good time to think about what you want to achieve. Do you need to earn money? Would an internship be important? Could you add to your volunteer or leadership experience? Students often learn more about what they want in the future from experiences in the present. And, visit colleges if you can – time will get tight next year. See some spots so that you get a feeling about what might be a match for you.


Sophomores are heading into that predictably stressful Junior year. I hope you will use this summer to develop your interests and consider where you want to put your time and energy going forward. If your family travels or if you can arrange to take a trip, visit a couple colleges. Time gets tight in 11th grade and students can get a sense of a best fit (size, setting, programs) by seeing a couple schools now. You could also consider a camp – sports, IT, music, design… - in a college setting this summer.


Good job, Freshmen! I hope you have found a happy community in your school and a manageable study routine. Have a great summer! Going forward you are encouraged to get to know teachers and dig deeper into your interests – and to keep your grades up so that you have a good range of options when you begin to plan for next steps.


Welcome, Rising Freshmen! My main advice is to consider whether there are things you could do this summer that would orient you to your high school, help you get a drivers license, and/or build your service or leadership resume. Please take advantage of any opportunity to get to know your high school and students who already attend that school. As you move into high school remember that grades matter starting from Day #1 and that sleep also matters – see if you can find a balance.


Good luck to every single one of you (students and parents)! Mary Gratch