Navigating High School Academics - October 21, 2017

We are now at that point in the school year where many students (and teachers and parents) have settled into the routine and a period of smooth sailing. You may also be identifying areas in which your child may need some additional support or attention.

The end of the first quarter is October 27th (CHCCS) and those grades may be one indicator of success or struggle. If a parent sees anything of concern on their student’s reports, it is a good time for parent(s) to check in with teachers directly. If the concerns are few, your child may be able to manage such communication – “Why don’t you talk with Ms./Mr. _______ and ask what you can do to be more successful in the second quarter.” If the worries are greater, this is a good time to schedule a conference. You can do that through the school during the regularly scheduled parent-student-teacher conferences. These are held with individual teachers and you can call the school to schedule. You could also ask your child’s school counselor – an important member of you child’s school success team - the process for setting up a meeting with a group of teachers.

We are early in the school year and there is time for redirection and success. The partnership between parents and the school is important for the success of your child. Good communication is the key – along with diligent efforts by your child in terms of assignment completion, studying (which can lead to greater understanding of the material and improved test scores), and seeking help when it is needed.

Best wishes for a great year! Mary

Mary Gratch, Independent Educational Consultant (