4th Quarter, AP Tests, Exams, Grades, and then Summer –


This is the time to give that final push for a successful end to your school year. And, if you haven’t already made a summer plan, this is definitely the time to focus on that.

One activity that I encourage you to put on your summer list is to explore potential careers and college majors. Here are some ways to approach this task:

·      Daydream – or catch up with sleep and night dream – What do you want to be when you grow up?

·      Watch adults – and ask questions – What do they like about their work? Would it be a good fit for you?

·      Shadow/Intern – Really spend time with someone who is doing something of possible interest and see what parts of the work seem to be a good fit for you.

·      Get a job – What parts do you like? Is this a setting that you’d love for a career?

Some questions to consider as you begin to consider a career:

·      Can it make a positive difference for you, for your community, for the world?

·      Is it challenging? Will you grow personally and professionally?

·      Does it match your interests, values, and your skills?

·      Will there be jobs available when you are ready to work? Will the pay be sufficient for you to meet your financial goals?

·      Does this possible future career offer satisfaction, life balance, and match with other values that are important to you?

·      Remember that it is a process – as you learn more about yourself and about possible careers, you can adapt your college major and future job choices – and end up in a field that is just the right match for you.

Reminder: Starting today, do the hard work to make yourself feel great about this school year. Summer is just around the corner. Power through!

Mary Gratch, April 17, 2017