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Every student is unique and each student’s plan is an adventure in self-discovery and growth. In working with each student, I explore

  • Personal strengths

  • Accomplishments – including activities in and out of school during the school year and in the summer

  • Course plans, grades, GPA

  • Test scores and testing plans

  • Career goals and personal goals

  • Potential college majors and other factors that may be considered in finding a college that is a fit (location, size, setting, culture, climate, study abroad and internship opportunities, etc.)

I work with students who are at many different starting points in this journey. Sometimes I work with 8th or 9th graders to plan their transition to and through high school. With others, we may start our work as they begin to navigate the college admissions process. Or, I may help with the transition to college or the college transfer process. I also work with young people as they move into the wider world after college and are planning for the next steps in their unique journey.

I can help with summer jobs, internships, interviews, applications, gap year ideas, or in the search for a job and career.

I work with students locally in person and am also happy to work via phone, Skype, or FaceTime with students who are at a distance.

I give talks and presentations to groups of parents and students, as requested.

Services News: I am now working with a former colleague, high school English teacher,Marjorie Lancaster.  Please see the services she offers in the Menu under "Lancaster Services."